District Court Will Hear ObamaCare Case


By Hadley Heath

Yet another effort from the Administration to squash the House-led lawsuit against ObamaCare's "cost-sharing" provision has failed. District court judge Rosemary Collyer ruled last month to deny the Administration's motion to dismiss the case. The Administration sought an immediate appeal of this decision, but the court denied this request and instead set a briefing schedule for the case to continue. Oral arguments have been set for January 18, 2016.

CNN reports:

"Suffice it to say, the Court is not convinced it erred," Collyer wrote. "Defendants will have a chance to make their argument to the Court of Appeals; the only question is whether they may do so now."

At issue in the case is the so-called "cost sharing" provisions that require insurance companies offering health plans through the law to reduce the out-of-pocket costs for policy holders who qualify. The government offsets the added costs to insurance companies by reimbursing them, but the lawmakers say that Congress did not properly approve the money for those reimbursements.

"I'm pleased with today's ruling," Boehner said in a statement. "The court has previously ruled that the House does, in fact, have standing to challenge one of the president's unilateral actions with regard to Obamacare... It's another important step toward holding the president accountable for his unconstitutional actions."

Stay tuned to Health Care Lawsuits for more updates about this case as oral argument approaches in January. 


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