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Placing the Administrative State in Constitutional Context
SCOTUS Issues Non-Ruling in Zubik v. Burwell
U.S. House Wins at District Level in House v. Burwell
Challengers in Zubik File Further Briefs
Justice Scalia's Legacy in ACA Cases
"Little Sisters" Special Guests at SOTU
Members of Congress Support Sissel Case
SCOTUS to Hear Little Sister of the Poor Challenge
Origination Clause Case May Head to SCOTUS
District Court Will Hear ObamaCare Case
House Gets Go-Ahead in Overreach Lawsuit
Burwell Wins - Explaining Today's Ruling
VIDEO: "Healthcare Minutes" Explain King v. Burwell
INFOGRAPHICS: Impact of King v. Burwell Case
Republican Proposals for King Ruling
Study Shows Potential Impact of King v. Burwell
Constituting America Essay: Why the U.S. House is Suing the Obama Administration
SCOTUS Rejects IPAB Case
Update: Judicial Watch Lawsuit Against ObamaCare Congressional Exemption
Reactions: King v. Burwell Oral Argument
Resources for King v. Burwell Oral Argument
Video: FedSoc Expert Panel on King v. Burwell
Policy Focus: King v. Burwell
Public Woefully Uninformed about King Case
House Republicans File Executive Overreach Lawsuit
Supreme Court To Hear Issue of ObamaCare Subsidies
D.C. Circuit Court Orders Government to Respond in Sissel Case
Pruitt Wins Summary Judgment in District Court
Court of Appeals Grants En Banc Hearing for Halbig
The Future for Halbig
Challengers in King Case File Cert Petition
House Votes 225-201 to Sue Obama Administration
King Case Goes the Other Way on Federal Exchange Subsidies
Halbig Victory at Appeals Court
House to Vote on ObamaCare Lawsuit
Senator Johnson's "Exemption" Lawsuit Gets a Hearing
Halbig Decision Due Any Day Now
Hobby Lobby's Supreme Court Victory
SCOTUS Announces Hobby Lobby Decision Set for Monday
Ruling Expected This Week in Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Wood
38 Lawmakers Support Ron Johnson's Lawsuit Challenging OPM Rule
Lawsuit Filed in Texas Claims ObamaCare Harms Small Employers
Highlights from Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Wood Oral Arguments
DC Circuit Court of Appeals Hears Halbig
Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Oral Argument Tomorrow
Independent Women's Forum Files Amicus Brief in Hobby Lobby/Conestoga Cases
Judge Dismisses Halbig Case
Sen. Johnson to File Suit over Congressional Subsidies
Supreme Court to Hear HHS Mandate Cases
DC Court of Appeals Rules Against HHS Mandate
A Spooky Halloween for ObamaCare: The King Case
DC Federal Judge Won't Dismiss Halbig
Halbig Oral Arguments
ObamaCare Goes Back to Court
Indiana and 15 School Groups File Lawsuit Against IRS Rule
Keep an Eye on Sissel
No Subsidies Without Verification Act
Victories Against HHS Mandate Multiply
Employer Mandate Delay: Is It Legal?
Pruitt Survives Motion to Dismiss
Cause of Action Challenges Enroll America
A Loss in "Liberty"
Hobby Lobby Wins Restraining Order
VIDEO: ObamaCare Taxes, Subsidies, and Mandates Hang on Halbig Case
New Policy Analysis of IPAB Highlights Constitutional Conflict
HHS Mandate Challenges Reach Appellate Level
Small Businesses Sue Over IRS Rule
Scorecard on Religious Liberty Cases
Freedomworks Informational Video about IRS Rule
Supreme Court Says Liberty University Case is Not Over
Adler: The ObamaCare Cases Keep Coming
Oklahoma to Challenge IRS Rule
ObamaCare's IPAB Front-and-Center in 2012 Elections
What is the HHS Mandate?
What Legal Challenges Move Forward?
Medicaid Decision: The Fallout
Law Upheld: What Does Today's Ruling Mean?
Supreme Court Ruling Expected This Week
Nearly 70 Plaintiffs Challenging HHS Mandate
States, Businesses Hedge Bets on SCOTUS Decision
Holder Responds to Request from 5th Circuit Judge
5th Circuit Judge Challenges DOJ after Obama's "Unelected" Comment
Justices Take Historic Vote Today
Medicaid - the Gun to the Head
Day Three: Is the Mandate Severable?
Two Days Down: Judgment Day for the Individual Mandate
One Day Down: Anti-Injunction Act
Anti-Injunction Act Arguments Today at SCOTUS
Gearing Up for the Courtroom Battle
Universities, TV Network, and States File Lawsuits Against HHS Mandate
SCOTUS Adds 30 Minutes for Anti-Injunction Act Oral Argument
White House Budget Director on Individual Mandate: That's Not a Tax
Independent Women's Forum Files Amicus Brief
Special Feature: ObamaCare and the Constitution
Calls for Kagan Recusal Intensify
Coons Case, Like Others, Stalls Out While Waiting for Florida
Briefs on Severability Point to Mandate as Heart of the Law
First ACA Briefs Due to SCOTUS Today
Chief Justice Defends Recusal Process in Year-End Report
Audio: Kagan Recusal and SCOTUS preview
SCOTUS Schedules Oral Arguments for Late March
Senate Bill Would Require SCOTUS to Televise ObamaCare Hearings
House Resolution Calls PPACA Unconstitutional
NFIB: Plaintiff's Bankruptcy Presents No Standing Problem
SCOTUS Announces Amicus Appointments
Supreme Court Will Hear Individual Mandate, Medicaid Challenges
New Report Examines Why Kagan Should Recuse Herself
D.C. Circuit Upholds the Mandate
Justices Have Five Petitions in Hands
Even DOJ Says Don't Sever the Mandate
CLASS Failure Illustrates ObamaCare's Dependence on the Mandate
NFIB Responds to Government's Cert Petition
Liberty University Also Files Cert Petition
Solicitor General Asks for Hold on Thomas More Petition
DOJ Joins Challengers in Calling for Supreme Court Review
State Plaintiffs in Florida File Cert Petition
NFIB Files Cert Petition
Deadline TODAY for 11CA En Banc Petition
DC Circuit Hears Seven-Sky Case Today
Video: Your ObamaCare Lawsuit Questions Answered
Plaintiffs Win in Goudy-Bachman Ruling from Middle Pennsylvania
BREAKING: Fourth Circuit Calls Individual Mandate a Tax
The 11CA Individual Mandate Ruling - Bonus Round
The 11CA Individual Mandate Ruling - Round III
The 11CA Individual Mandate Ruling - Round II
The 11CA Individual Mandate Ruling - Round I
Breaking News - Eleventh Circuit Rules on Florida Case
Lawsuits Update: Kinder Case Heats Up
Breaking: Sixth Circuit Rules ObamaCare Constitutional
Supreme Court Bond Ruling: Bad News for ObamaCare?
Check Out the New Interactive Health Care Lawsuits Timeline!
Experts Weigh in on Today's 11th Circuit Hearing
What's at Stake in Tomorrow's Hearing?
Podcast: Appellate Courts Weigh ObamaCare
One H.W. Bush and Two Clinton Appointees to Hear Florida Case
Fourth Circuit Requests Supplemental Briefs in Liberty, Virginia Cases
Amici Abound in Florida Case
The Difference Between "Activity" and "Inactivity"
Audio Files of Today's Oral Arguments
There Must Be Some Limit to Federal Power
About Today's Judges - The Fourth Circuit Selection
Today in Richmond
Plaintiff-Appellee Briefs Filed in Florida
Dismissed Cases: Appeals Abound
SCOTUS Will Not Put VA Case on the Fast Track
Kagan and ObamaCare
Cuccinelli: Even King George Couldn't Tell Us What to Buy
ACLJ Files Amicus Brief in VA Case on Behalf of 49 Members of Congress
What's Next in the Florida Case
David Rivkin Explains Individual Mandate
Check Out the New Lawsuits Map!
AHIP Files Brief in VA Case
DHHS Files Appeal in Florida Case
Vinson's Stay: Another Victory
Breaking: Vinson Issues Stay on His Decision
ObamaCare Video Contest Offers a $5,000 First Prize
Rebellious States? Or Rebellious Sebelius?
Are we citizens or subjects?
Mead v. Holder Case Dismissed in DC Court
Government Files Motion to Clarify
Update on Appeals
Legal Limbo
Cuccinelli to Ask for Supreme Review of VA Case
Vinson Ruling 101
Ruling Means ObamaCare Implementation Must Stop
Standby for Florida Ruling!
Wow - That's a lot of States!
Steve Six is Not in Kansas Anymore*
Ohio to Join Multi-State Suit
Oklahoma to File its own Suit
Wisconsin Joins Florida Suit
On to the Appellate Level
Florida Case Holds Hearing
UNCONSTITUTIONAL - Judge Hudson Rules in Virginia
Ruling Expected Tomorrow in Virginia
States as Plaintiffs - The Question of State Sovereignty
An Unappealing Idea
A Severe Mistake for ObamaCare
U.S. Citizens Association Moving Forward
The Individual Mandate is Popular with Insurers
The Constitution is Nonpartisan
"Waiver" Fail
Doing Nothing - The "Activity" Myth
Supreme Court Declines Baldwin Case
The Congressional Research Service Questions Health Law's Constitutionality
The Majority of Voters Want Supreme Court to Decide
Thomas More Law Center to File for Appeal
Commerce and the Constitution
Podcast: The Latest Developments in the Lawsuits
Enthusiasm for Protecting the Constitution Should Not Be Curbed
Summary Judgment Hearing in Virginia Case
The Limits of the Constitution are Not Merely "Formalistic"
"Not a Tax" Comes Back to Haunt ObamaCare
Hearing Set for Monday in Virginia Case
Michigan: Raising Their Own Bar
Key Points from the Florida Ruling
There is Reason to be Cautiously Optimistic
Breaking News - Florida Judge Rules - Case to Continue
Ruling Expected Today in Florida Case
Former U.S. AGs support Cuccinelli
Activity v. Inactivity
"No Binding Effect" on Other Cases
Michigan Court Exceeds its Own Powers, Offers "Placeholder" Opinion
Michigan Judge Rules About "Economic Decisions"
The Lawsuits Are "Heating Up"
The Law - Not Popular Opinion - Should Determine the Health Care Law's Fate
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