ObamaCare Goes Back to Court


By Hadley Heath

I wrote a column summarizing some of the most important Constitutional challenges still facing the Affordable Care Act for Doublethink Magazine:

During the government shutdown, Obamacare advocates repeatedly emphasized that health reform is the “law of the land,” and the Supreme Court upheld its constitutionality in 2010.  It’s true, but the Supreme Court only heard arguments about the individual mandate and the Medicaid expansion.  These are two central facets of the law, but not the only provisions under legal scrutiny.  Obamacare’s days in court are not over.

Naturally, to manipulate nearly one-fifth of our national economy, the federal government needed significantly expanded power in several directions: health and human services, the IRS, and even in the creation of new (constitutionally questionable) bodies and regulations. The courts should stand up against these abuses of power and uphold the true “Law of the Land” – the Constitution.

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