Lawsuits Update: Kinder Case Heats Up


By Hadley Heath

It's summertime.  In case you took a vacation from watching the progress in the health care lawsuits, here's an update:

Appellate decisions:

  • Thomas More Law Center (6th Circuit). Outcome: ObamaCare is Constitutional.

Appellate decisions we are waiting for:

  • Liberty University (4th Circuit)
  • Commonwealth of Virginia (4th Circuit)
  • Multistate case led by State of Florida (11th Circuit)
  • Baldwin v. Sebelius (9th Circuit)

Upcoming appellate hearings:

  • Mead v. Holder (DC Circuit)  - Hearing on docket for September 23
  • New Jersey Physicians (3rd Circuit)
  • Kinder v. Geithner (8th Circuit)

The Kinder case, led by Missouri Lieutenant Governor Peter Kinder and six individual plaintiffs, has recently received more attention because of amici briefs filed by officials from more than 20 other states.  Stay tuned for more updates!


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