Thomas More Law Center to File for Appeal


By Hadley Heath

Two weeks after he dismissed part of the case, Judge Steeh today dismissed the rest of Thomas More Law Center v. President of the United States.

Plaintiffs requested that the Court quickly enter its order to dismiss the rest of their claims, in order to expedite the appeals process.  On October 7, when Steeh sided with the federal government on the individual mandate and made his ruling on “economic decisions,” the Thomas More Law Center announced that it would file for appeal.

Steeh’s dismissal of the Plaintiff’s first and second claims (these dealt with the individual mandate as a violation of the limits of the Commerce Clause and the taxing powers of Congress) was based on the merits of the claims in the opinion of the judge.  Steeh did not dismiss the case based on the standing of the Plaintiffs or the ripeness of their case, so the Plaintiffs have grounds for an appeal.

Expect a filing tomorrow from TMLC, in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit.


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